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Dimension principals were awarded a patent for a ”Rebar cage and stiffener ring.”
March 13, 2013

A brief explanation of the patented device with text abstracted from the official USPTO document follows:

A stiffener ring, and associated method and program product. A stiffener ring is provided having a generally annular shape for supporting a rebar cage, including: a plurality of primary cutouts spaced about an exterior edge of the stiffener ring, wherein each primary cutout is configured to receive a transversely mounted steel bar; a plurality of secondary cutouts spaced about an edge of the stiffener ring, wherein each of the secondary cutouts is configured to receive an instrumentation pipe; and a set of flow holes cut into the stiffener ring to facilitate a flow of concrete through the stiffener ring.

The present invention relates to rebar cage assemblies for use in reinforced concrete structures, and more particularly relates to a system of engineered internal supports for supporting a rebar cage.

In a typical application, the rebar cage is custom fabricated off-premises and then transported to the construction site. Because of the height, weight and size, most rebar cages are manufactured and transported lying on their sides. At the time of installation, the cage is brought upright, or “tripped” and then placed in position, e.g., in a form or drilled shaft, after which concrete is placed to create the reinforced concrete structure.

One of the challenges in manufacturing rebar cages is to ensure structural and dimensional stability is maintained while the cage is being transported, tripped, and set in place. A poorly fabricated or inadequately support cage can become unstable under its own weight and collapse on itself, resulting in significant losses in time and money. Further, inaccurate or uncertain placement of components can result in structural capacity less than that required by codes or designers.

Disclosed is a substantially annular spacer member, referred to herein as a “stiffener ring” for use in a rebar cage. The stiffener ring enhances structural stability, accelerates fabrication of the cage and guarantees precise placement of the required structural elements.


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